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Want a private (encrypted) diary?  A horror video word guessing game?  Electronic flashcards? You’re in the right place. This site offers mostly FREE windows applications for  personal use. Timekeep (a small business punch clock) does require you to post at least a  “thank you” comment to receive your free permanent activation code. Please enjoy the freeware, leave a comment, and tell your friends about the programs you like.

Contributions are also welcome (see Contact tab) to help keep this site open.

By downloading these programs (see DOWNLOAD tab in photo), you are expressly accepting all terms of the licensing agreement (see Legal Notice tab).  These are “home made” applications that I wrote myself  as a useful hobby, and are offered “as is”.

Thanks for visiting this site, and come back soon to see what’s new.



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  1. Clinton says:

    Please return to comment on any software you download, or to offer suggestions for future freeware projects.

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