How to download for Windows XP or Windows 7

Using My Computer or Windows Explorer:

1. Right-click the underlined colored filename and save to your hard drive by choosing “Save Link As…”

2. Right-click the compressed folder (a zip file),  then click “Extract All”

3. A folder containing an executable (exe) file (and perhaps some supporting files) will emerge. Open the new folder and double-click the executable (exe) to begin using the application, or,  to make a desktop shortcut to the program,  right click the *.exe file, then choose “Send to > desktop (as shortcut)”.

A Note About Encryption

Please note that the programs on this site that involve encryption use a methodology that is not strong enough to withstand decryption by professionals, but will frustrate the ordinary snoop. So don’t think the NSA couldn’t read your data!

Software Documentation


To reconcile in Chekbook, first notice that clicking an item in the rightmost column toggles between 1 (checks included in bank statements) and 0 (checks still out and not yet known to the bank). Once that column is complete, make sure that the Balance button has been clicked, then click the Reconcile tab. In the Reconcile window, place the balance from your current bank statement in its proper place, then click GO.

Note that a “Buffer” entry may optionally be included. The Buffer is an amount kept out of your main checkbook accounting, a hidden sum that provides just that amount of overdraught protection at no cost to you.

Other ChekBook functions are so obvious that no additional documentation is required.

Meditation Timer (zazen)

Meditation cushions can be purchased  at:


Implicit association is an exciting research topic. It is sometimes the case that our explicit (conscious)  attitudes differ from our implicit (subconscious) ones. How to interpret these discrepancies in ways that might have clinical or personal utility is an open area of inquiry.

Research articles on implicit association can be obtained from

FIAT is free for professional research, but it will not permit scoring without obtaining a license key by submitting credentialing information.   MIAT is free for all, and permits scoring of the intrinsic demonstration tests.


MyDiary is a perpetual calendar with encrypted entries for private personal diary keeping or appointment book purposes. The MyDiary calendar can be navigated to any date. Clicking on a date opens a blank diary book. Just enter personal writing or, to use as a schedule book, click the insert tab to select appointment times.  When the save button is clicked, you may click OK to save under the default number (1) or enter a secret number for the encryption that keeps your data private. Please note that the encryption methodology is not strong enough to withstand decryption by professionals, but will frustrate the ordinary snoop. So don’t think that NSA  or MI-5 couldn’t read your information!

MyScore for Teachers

This application scores true (1) false (2) or multiple choice tests with
single-digit answers. To begin, you enter a key by simply using the digits
1 through 9. If you need to go back, enter – (you can skip forward by
entering +). Save the key when it is complete (Save Key tab).

To begin scoring, use the Open Key tab. You will be asked if you want to
destroy the file containing earlier data entries (Sometimes you are
continuing after closing the program for some reason, and will be adding
the rest of the scores. If you are just beginning, go ahead and destroy any
data leftover from previous tests).

When the key is opened, the number of items on the test will be
displayed,and you will be ready to score the first test paper. Simply enter
the digits as before, then click the score button. The raw score is
displayed as number of correct answers and percentage of items that are
correct. Mark these on the student’s paper.

Click NEXT for the next student. You will be asked if you first want to add
the current student’s score to the data file. You would say yes unless you
were just testing the key, and therefore would not want the result treated
as actual test data).

When you have scored all students, click the Statistics tab to see a
description of the test distribution. Enter the grading ranges you want to
try (change the default values) and click CALCULATE to see how many
students would earn each grade using those ranges.

See also the Help tab within the program, which contains the above instructions.

SlashMan: A Horror Word Guessing Game

This game is not suitable for younger children or people sensitive to horror films.

The aim of the game is to escape SlashMan by guessing the hidden
word. Like the old game ‘hangman’, guessing proceeds letter by letter.
However, SlashMan includes horror videos (that can be turned off)
and has other options as well. You can choose a level of difficulty in
terms of word length. You can also challenge yourself to do without
the blanks (so you do not know word length) and to remember letters
already guessed (rather than have them listed for you). Player scores
are automatically saved, but if you want to start over with a clean slate,
you can clear your scores. Wouldn’t it be great if life were like that?

This game does not invite you to be a violent participant, as many do
these days, but rather encourages you to avoid danger by using
your head. Oh, by the way, don’t click on the pictures, as this tends
to annoy SlashMan.


TimeKeep allows employees to punch in and punch out to clock work hours from their computers (or a central PC). Gross pay is calculated with the stored hourly wage. Attempts to change work hours from other programs will be frustrated by data encryption requiring the administrator’s password within TimeKeep. The default password is bobotheclown, which should be changed by the administrator using the Administrative Functions tab.

Timekeep will require a (FREE) activation code after a trial period. If you do not receive it by e-mail after posting a “thank you” comment, contact me by e-mail to request it at

HELP KEEP THIS SITE OPEN by contributing (see Contact tab). If you can’t afford to, that’s OK.

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