Download Instructions

The applications below have been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 only. How to download for Windows XP or Windows 7:

Using My Computer or Windows Explorer:

1. Right-click the underlined colored filename and save to your hard drive by choosing “Save Link As…”

2. Right-click the compressed folder (a zip file),  then click “Extract All”

3. A folder containing an executable (exe) file (and perhaps some supporting files) will emerge. Open the new folder and double-click the executable (exe) to begin using the application, or,  to make a desktop shortcut to the program,  right click the *.exe file, then choose “Send to > desktop (as shortcut)”

HELP KEEP THIS SITE OPEN by contributing (see Contact tab). If you can’t afford to, that’s OK. Please enjoy:

SuDoKu type puzzle program (freeware):  MySuDoKu


Biloxi Bob’s Draw Poker (freeware):  BBPoker


Calculator with Save/Print Options (freeware): Abacus

Employee Time Keeper (freeware) calculates gross pay. Default password is bobotheclown:  TimeKeep

Check Book  (freeware) ChekBook  for checking accounts, profit-loss ledgers, and other accounts. Large, easy-to-read print size. One-click  balancing and easy reconciliation with bank statements. If you are intimidated by complicated financial computer programs, this is for you. (Version 6, 04/26/12 update)

Meditation Timer (freeware) Zazen


Implicit Association Test

Do you subconsciously prefer dogs or cats? Republicans or Democrats? The next two programs measure implicit (subconscious) attitudes and tendencies. The MIAT (Model Implicit Association Test) is freeware and suitable for non-professional use, as it does not relate to mental or emotional problems and is fun to try. The FIAT (Flexible Implicit Association Test) is the freeware professional version that allows creation of new test items and provides built-in samples on serious topics. The MIAT can be scored but not modified, while the FIAT can be modified but not scored until a professional obtains the license key by submitting credentialing information.

MIAT (Public freeware)  MIAT

FIAT  (Professional freeware) FIAT35

Private Diary and Appointment Book (freeware) MyDiary


Test Scoring Program For Teachers (freeware): MyScore


Text Note Application With Encryption Option (freeware)MyNotes

Horror Word Guessing Game  (freeware)  SlashMan

FlashCards  (freeware)  MyFlashcards4

Clipboard Facilitator adds stored items to clipboard in one click:  (freeware)  MyKlyp

Mouse Entry when keyboard is inconvenient  (freeware) : mousepad


Age Calculator (and/or days between two dates) (Freeware): Age


Prioritizable To Do List (Freeware):  ToDo


Searchable Alphabetized List Maker (Freeware):  MyLists


Trip List:  Select items from a master list to include in your new trip (Freeware):  TripList3


HELP KEEP THIS SITE OPEN by contributing (see Contact tab). If you can’t afford to, that’s OK.

Still more to come. Stay tuned…

5 Responses to Downloads

  1. clinton says:

    Please return to comment on any software you download, or to offer suggestions for future freeware projects.

  2. Donald says:

    looking foward to giving this program a try. I have at times lots of thoughts and would like to put them down in writting that is safe.

    • clinton says:

      Thanks, Donald. Let me know your experience, and feel free to offer any suggestions for additional features you might like.

  3. Larry says:

    I have downloaded an used three of your programs. They are simple to use and work as you say. Thank you for the good work.

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